The most inspiring conversation..

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I just had the most inspiring conversation I've had for a year, and the best interview in a lifetime. If I could go to interviews like this for the rest of my life I'd be the happiest man there is, until I starved to death because I had no money.. ..I doubt I would have been anything but happy even when drawing my last breath.

To much melodrama? Yeah, maybe..

Do you know what a melodrama is? I could tell you if you would choose to read on.. A melodrama is a dramatic work which exaggerates the plot and the characters to appeal to the emotions. Basically every soap-opera out there.. ..Grey's Anatomy is the number one example. If they show a kid or baby in the first scene you just know that they gonna sacrifice her in the end.. the name of drama.. ..and then the flood gates open. My princess cries like if someone had shot her little brother everytime there is something remotely emotional on the TV..

Anyways, the most inspiring..

My day began after three hours of sleep at 0300. My princess got up with me to pack my things for my week-end, no wonder I call her my princess:). I of course procrastinated as usual when I have to be somewhere sometime, but that was cool, I didn't wanna miss my flight for nothing.

Ended up going to the wrong terminal and had to walk from Terminal 5 to 2.. ..and that's like not far from two kilometers. Got there with plenty of time to spare - especially since the plane had technical difficulties.. It had something to do with the cabin preassurizer or God know what. Anyways.. London the conveyor belt for the luggage failed me and brought my luggage in late, and on top of that the slow walkers from hell made me miss my train.. ..and the train after that was of course late.

All this ultimate latlieness didn't leave me no time to eat, so my first 3.5 hour interview was on an empty stomach.. ..not even breakfast. Loved the company - and loved Scott, fantastic guy! Since that interview keept me busy longer than expected I of course was in a hurry to my next interview.. ..and the London underground system is an intelligencetest, which I failed. I also went one stop too far (they went to far), since I got the wrong directions, so I was six minutes late.. the best interview of my life.

Now I'm leeching off of Starbuck's wifi waiting for Rob, the headhunter. He's buying me a pint.. ..haven't told him I don't drink beer.. would feel a bit puff to say I wanted to drink red wine..

Catch y'all later!

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