I'm such a hero.. ..and humble too!

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Stopped a fight, saved a life, assisted in a police arrest, fought racism, returned lost properties to the rightful owner, helped a female officer.. ..and this while trying to get home from the office.. ..nothing out of the ordinary for a superhero like me, but you would've shat in your pants.. ..London's nightlife is throwing challenges at me, and I wasn't even part of it! No worries though, nothing I can't handle!
Got to start wearing my underwear over my pants so everyone sees who's the go-to guy when the shit goes down.
I by the way hope the officeress calls me for a statement.. ..mjau-mjau!
Shit, I love this city.. Action, suspense, love, hate and drama.. ..and all this condensed into a thick paste smeared all over London..
Me with superhero outfit!

It's trying to corrupt my mind..

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Wanking instructions!
Reminds me that one can use a computer for other things than work..

Yup, it's about time..

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Yup, it's about time.. ..not only in Australia, but also the US, and the other countries discriminating because of religious dogmas, or social stigmatisation.
Think now, tomorrow you'll be dead..

English red tape and lack of trust in people

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Sometimes you leave your home country as a Christer, and then all of a sudden you’re a Hans. This will be the case if you have the names Hans Christer Mattias printed in your passport and in that order. This is by the way not a joke, my name is from this day on Hans. There’s some weird shit going down in this country, and it all being covered up by a lot of red tape!


I didn’t think this would pose a big problem, not until now when I realised my proof of address from the bank was in the name of “Hans Brannstrom”, which means I will have to get my current employer to update all his paperwork about me..


If I had a penny for every CMS i wrote..

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If I had a penny for every Content Management System (CMS) i wrote.. ..I'd have exactly one penny! In a near future I might have two, I don't know yet. My idea is to search the open source community for an open source one at first.
Writing a CMS is extremely fun and rewarding in a million of ways, but it's hard to compete with the enourmous amount of hours that the driven and passionate open source community invests into their solutions. Hopefully I will be able to contribute in some way, instead of just leech off of it.
Umbraco is currently on top of the list - C#, well used, open source, extendable, and I will make myself more expendable by using a solution that is widely known. I will also be able to dive into the code of a really cool system.. ..and get paid for it!