Dogmas in development..

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“I think gotos are fine and they are often more readable than large amounts of indentation."

- Linus Torvalds. Context:

(Stolen from CodeWisdoms twitter feed)


Linus attacking the now classic dogma of Edsger Dikjstra's 1968 paper titled "Go To Statement Considered Harmful"..


Linus has a point, because everyone can write shitty code with or without the goto-statement, everything has it’s time and place. Question and refactor your knowledge every once in a while, the earth used to be flat.

Apparently we are throwing a costume party!

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The theme for this years Christmas Party is "Mad Men", the problem is that I have no suit with me, I left them behind in Sweden. I will have to wing it somehow, maybe I will go for paperboy or something.. ..actually, that was a brilliant friggin idea! A couple of newspapers under my arm, and a nice vintage shirt to go with it. Maybe a cap anno the 60's, and a wool coat. There must be a good vintage store around here, I work just by Oxford Street for God's sake!
Then that was sorted out, thanks for your help, you're my heroes!
MI Christmas Party 2011
Jessy is fantastic, she's got this party nailed to the floor, we will bring back the 60's!

If I had a penny for every CMS i wrote..

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If I had a penny for every Content Management System (CMS) i wrote.. ..I'd have exactly one penny! In a near future I might have two, I don't know yet. My idea is to search the open source community for an open source one at first.
Writing a CMS is extremely fun and rewarding in a million of ways, but it's hard to compete with the enourmous amount of hours that the driven and passionate open source community invests into their solutions. Hopefully I will be able to contribute in some way, instead of just leech off of it.
Umbraco is currently on top of the list - C#, well used, open source, extendable, and I will make myself more expendable by using a solution that is widely known. I will also be able to dive into the code of a really cool system.. ..and get paid for it!

Career Change

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Call me crazy but I don't think that Libya will become a better place if ruled by the animals that killed Khadaffi.. Maybe I should send my CV there? Could be cool to have a CV like this:

Nov 2011 - Ongoing - Fair and joust dictator in Northern African Country
Nov 2007 - Nov 2011 - Senior Software Developer at eBay

Bye-bye eBay - Hello World!

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That's crazy, I just got a job offer.. ..not an interview that is, a real concrete offer. I have the papers in front of me. It's a little more than I earn now.. ..but I'll try to cope with all the new riches poured down on me.

During my London-stay the coming week-end I have four confirmed interviews, of which I will dodge one. One is even on Saturday because my head-hunter is the best head-hunter in the whole world. Also I have had two interviews in Stockholm today, and two with England over the phone. I even had to remove my CV from LondonJobs, I got a little too much attention. Now I'm just trying to ride the waves and check out the companies that I've talked to. I'll probably give it another go again when everything calms down. I will try to maximize the passion on my next workplace so that I'll want to stay at least four years in my next place too!

I wish it was all about the money, then it would've been so much easier..

Four years at eBay has paid off in many ways; not only the fact that I've had some of the best years of my life here, found some of the best friends, and learned to walk on my hands.

I'm grateful and a little saddened!

Bebisfeber på kontoret - rena rama dagiset!

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Idag så strömmade bebisarna och barnen in på kontoret, helt omöjligt att koncentrera sig! Jag tillbringade större delen med att lukta på bebishuvuden och gå på händer med mina nyfunna vänner, dessutom lärde jag det äldre barnet att gå på taket! Trots allt jag gjorde för honom vägrade han tro på att jag faktiskt hade klyvt tegelstenar med mina helt galna karateslag.. Jävla unge!

Lillebrodern Totte var dock mycket snällare mot mig:).. ..han ville sitta i min famn, och sådant får mig att smälta som smör! Medan jag smälte passade Jempa på att leka med min fantastiska kamera, inte för att jag skulle få fina foton, utan för att Tottes mamma skulle fota Jempa när hon höll min kamera.. Komplicerat?

Bebisfeber Anonym bitesized håller i bebis
Låt oss kalla honom Totte - han föredrar att leva ett anonymt liv i mystik!

Totte och jag goes way back! Jag brukade klappa honom redan när han var i sin mammas mage. Jag älskar mammismagar och missar aldrig en chans att klappa dem, om hon inte är jätteful.. det är inte Tottes mamma, hon är jättesnygg. Totte också.. han mest är lik pappa! Märkligt att jag gillar mammamagar så mycket, men jag har alltid gjort det.

Dessutom var K-Sandra här med sin lilla prins, men jag hade inte tillräcklig sinnesnärvaro för att fota hennes lilla prins.. Hennes parvel var dock bara två månader, medan Totte är sju månader, nästan stora killen. Blev helt plötsligt sjukt sugen på att skaffa barn.. ..åtminstone ett till - NU!! Tror dock inte att det riktigt är läge, får nog vänta tills jag blir 40, men mina äggledare började i alla fall sjunga: "La-la-la!!".. ..som jag skrev på Fejsbook.

Hur som helst så hoppas jag att det inte dröjer så lång tid till innan kontoret fylls med barn och bebisar igen!