I'm such a hero.. ..and humble too!

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Stopped a fight, saved a life, assisted in a police arrest, fought racism, returned lost properties to the rightful owner, helped a female officer.. ..and this while trying to get home from the office.. ..nothing out of the ordinary for a superhero like me, but you would've shat in your pants.. ..London's nightlife is throwing challenges at me, and I wasn't even part of it! No worries though, nothing I can't handle!
Got to start wearing my underwear over my pants so everyone sees who's the go-to guy when the shit goes down.
I by the way hope the officeress calls me for a statement.. ..mjau-mjau!
Shit, I love this city.. Action, suspense, love, hate and drama.. ..and all this condensed into a thick paste smeared all over London..
Me with superhero outfit!

written by pimpXprincess

Haha ja snälla, börja klä dig som en hjälte! ;) (En liten fundering bara: Vill du ha kommentarer på svenska eller engelska nu när du skriver på engelska? Hehe!)

Svar: Jadå, jag känner mig väldigt hemma här. Jaså? Det låter väldigt roligt. Lite väl stressigt med jobbet dock, men trivs du med det så är det ju kanon!

2011-11-27 @ 18:29:33
written by jempa

That's London for ya!

Jag dog nästan där en gång. En helt annan historia.

2011-11-29 @ 12:33:18

remember me?

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