Get the hell out'a Dodge..

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..the police said. After exchanging parting gifts with Sasha and Natalia and waving them both off at the trainstation I did just that - got the hell out'a Dodge.. ..accused of a crime I didn't commit banished for live with no chance to ever be forgiven. I had nowhere to go, doomed to just wander the world aimlessly; trying to find somewhere to sleep, somewhere to call home, if just for a couple of days.

Every once in a while my cell phone beeped and I got another message from Natalia, but since I had no money left on my SIM card I couldn't return the messages. It continued for a while.. ..but finally ended.

That single final beeping was the last thing I ever heard from Natalia. I don't know where she is now, or what she's doing. Maybe she realized her dream and became that hotshot lawyer, or maybe she just settled down for less, husband and kids on a farm.. dream.

Ukraina Sevastopol - Odessa Tågstopp blått natt..

written by Jonesy

Väldigt... Deckarnovell. På det bra sättet menar jag nu! Har en grej för gamla deckare och skräckisar... Det är kärlek på något vis.

2011-07-22 @ 16:39:16

remember me?

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