The Swedish blogger hits the High Street

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I'm one of the new bloggers on Media Ingenuity's blog. It's just for this month, and only to blog about me and my New Year's Resolution.. stop drinking. It will be focusing on the happy side of saving money while quitting something that is unhealthy.
I started writing, and all of a sudden parts of my young adulthood started seeping out, and all of a sudden I realized I had poured my soul out on two pages of painful memories and I of course had to delete that blog post right away. It was neither fun, nor about saving money while kicking a habit, more about people kicking the bucket.
I decided to save those parts for my blog here, well see how you react to my following blog posts.
By the way, I didn't literally delete the other blog post, I just copied the text into a text file that resides on my desktop. Then I wrote another blog post, a bit more up-beat than the first one. It gets published tomorrow, so then I might add a link to that blog post here. If I get around to post the deleted blog posts here it might be fun to see the contrasts to what I'm blogging about there, so I will add links to the other happy blog posts too!
Since I've been such a lousy blogger lately don't keep your hopes up though!

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Superbra nyårslöfte! Thumbs up!

2012-01-06 @ 18:44:32
written by Sabine

Andra har alltid haft större problem med att jag inte dricker än jag själv. No biggie!

Man får dessutom mer sömn för man blir intrikat sen på fester. Fulla människor är roligare när man själv är full. :)


2012-01-23 @ 08:40:31

remember me?

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