Bye-bye eBay - Hello World!

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That's crazy, I just got a job offer.. ..not an interview that is, a real concrete offer. I have the papers in front of me. It's a little more than I earn now.. ..but I'll try to cope with all the new riches poured down on me.

During my London-stay the coming week-end I have four confirmed interviews, of which I will dodge one. One is even on Saturday because my head-hunter is the best head-hunter in the whole world. Also I have had two interviews in Stockholm today, and two with England over the phone. I even had to remove my CV from LondonJobs, I got a little too much attention. Now I'm just trying to ride the waves and check out the companies that I've talked to. I'll probably give it another go again when everything calms down. I will try to maximize the passion on my next workplace so that I'll want to stay at least four years in my next place too!

I wish it was all about the money, then it would've been so much easier..

Four years at eBay has paid off in many ways; not only the fact that I've had some of the best years of my life here, found some of the best friends, and learned to walk on my hands.

I'm grateful and a little saddened!

written by Jonesy

SV: Vi är alla masochister i smyg ;)

2011-10-19 @ 23:44:08

remember me?

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