If I had a penny for every CMS i wrote..

Share written 2011-11-07 @ 19:34:11

If I had a penny for every Content Management System (CMS) i wrote.. ..I'd have exactly one penny! In a near future I might have two, I don't know yet. My idea is to search the open source community for an open source one at first.
Writing a CMS is extremely fun and rewarding in a million of ways, but it's hard to compete with the enourmous amount of hours that the driven and passionate open source community invests into their solutions. Hopefully I will be able to contribute in some way, instead of just leech off of it.
Umbraco is currently on top of the list - C#, well used, open source, extendable, and I will make myself more expendable by using a solution that is widely known. I will also be able to dive into the code of a really cool system.. ..and get paid for it!

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