Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

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..come take a walk on the wild side..

Dogmas in development..

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“I think gotos are fine and they are often more readable than large amounts of indentation."

- Linus Torvalds. Context:

(Stolen from CodeWisdoms twitter feed)


Linus attacking the now classic dogma of Edsger Dikjstra's 1968 paper titled "Go To Statement Considered Harmful"..


Linus has a point, because everyone can write shitty code with or without the goto-statement, everything has it’s time and place. Question and refactor your knowledge every once in a while, the earth used to be flat.

I don't know what to do

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Sometimes female friends of mine ask me what they should do. I never answer them: "Get naked and just watch yourself in the mirror..", even if that is what I would do if I were them.

The Swedish blogger hits the High Street

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I'm one of the new bloggers on Media Ingenuity's blog. It's just for this month, and only to blog about me and my New Year's Resolution.. stop drinking. It will be focusing on the happy side of saving money while quitting something that is unhealthy.
I started writing, and all of a sudden parts of my young adulthood started seeping out, and all of a sudden I realized I had poured my soul out on two pages of painful memories and I of course had to delete that blog post right away. It was neither fun, nor about saving money while kicking a habit, more about people kicking the bucket.
I decided to save those parts for my blog here, well see how you react to my following blog posts.
By the way, I didn't literally delete the other blog post, I just copied the text into a text file that resides on my desktop. Then I wrote another blog post, a bit more up-beat than the first one. It gets published tomorrow, so then I might add a link to that blog post here. If I get around to post the deleted blog posts here it might be fun to see the contrasts to what I'm blogging about there, so I will add links to the other happy blog posts too!
Since I've been such a lousy blogger lately don't keep your hopes up though!

Lightsabers are cool - Jedi Ninjas Team2X

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There can never be to many light saber clips on a blogg of someone that actually was born when Star Wars was made.. Imagine the amount of time put into a clip like this, I bet we're talking a couple of weeks.. ..or I dunno, maybe less. For me it would've taken a lifetime..
Lightsabers are cool!

Severn Suzuki - UN Earth Summit in 1992

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Shh, when someone got something to say just be quiet and listen..
Severn Suzuki - UN Earth Summit in 1992
Then nothing happened..

MacGyver - Epic Fail

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MacGyver - Fail To Fix Car - Richard Dean Anderson
No paper-clip, nor chewing gum..

Apparently we are throwing a costume party!

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The theme for this years Christmas Party is "Mad Men", the problem is that I have no suit with me, I left them behind in Sweden. I will have to wing it somehow, maybe I will go for paperboy or something.. ..actually, that was a brilliant friggin idea! A couple of newspapers under my arm, and a nice vintage shirt to go with it. Maybe a cap anno the 60's, and a wool coat. There must be a good vintage store around here, I work just by Oxford Street for God's sake!
Then that was sorted out, thanks for your help, you're my heroes!
MI Christmas Party 2011
Jessy is fantastic, she's got this party nailed to the floor, we will bring back the 60's!

No one should feel like this

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Does it really matter if this video was fake or not - if he really was bullied for his sexuallity? No matter how one twists and turns it this video still carries a strong message, something to think about. There could be a million reasons for his retracton of his original story, but whatever makes him tingle.. I hope he's feeling better than he did when he put this video up anyways. Feel it, hear it..
Jonah Mowry - Bullied gay dude taking a stand..

Flying freely - Somewhere over London

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Yesterday I realized that my move to London gave me my life back, I haven't been this happy in a very long time. I can fall asleep in the evenings, and I can wake up in the mornings, and all the pressure I feel is positive pressure created by myself. I feel I can actually control where I'm heading, I have regained the rudder.
Nothing feels impossible, I'm full of positive energy, and I smile all the time instead of only when there's actually something to smile about. I've gotten back the feeling that sacrificing blood, sweat and tears will actually take me places. I don't feel like a prisoner anymore; leaving Sweden was like opening the cage door..
The Eye of London to the right, The Palace of Westminster in the center and Big Ben to the left. Picture taken from Waterloo Bridge..
..hopefully this canary bird won't freeze or starve to death..
The Eye of London to the right, The Palace of Westminster in the center and Big Ben to the left. Picture taken from Waterloo Bridge..

Never stop smiling

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Never stop smiling, and never let them disillusion you. If you keep on smiling even when they frown, eventually you will get them to smile back..

School Portrait (2011) from Michael Berliner on Vimeo.

I'm such a hero.. ..and humble too!

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Stopped a fight, saved a life, assisted in a police arrest, fought racism, returned lost properties to the rightful owner, helped a female officer.. ..and this while trying to get home from the office.. ..nothing out of the ordinary for a superhero like me, but you would've shat in your pants.. ..London's nightlife is throwing challenges at me, and I wasn't even part of it! No worries though, nothing I can't handle!
Got to start wearing my underwear over my pants so everyone sees who's the go-to guy when the shit goes down.
I by the way hope the officeress calls me for a statement.. ..mjau-mjau!
Shit, I love this city.. Action, suspense, love, hate and drama.. ..and all this condensed into a thick paste smeared all over London..
Me with superhero outfit!

It's trying to corrupt my mind..

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Wanking instructions!
Reminds me that one can use a computer for other things than work..

Yup, it's about time..

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Yup, it's about time.. ..not only in Australia, but also the US, and the other countries discriminating because of religious dogmas, or social stigmatisation.
Think now, tomorrow you'll be dead..

English red tape and lack of trust in people

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Sometimes you leave your home country as a Christer, and then all of a sudden you’re a Hans. This will be the case if you have the names Hans Christer Mattias printed in your passport and in that order. This is by the way not a joke, my name is from this day on Hans. There’s some weird shit going down in this country, and it all being covered up by a lot of red tape!


I didn’t think this would pose a big problem, not until now when I realised my proof of address from the bank was in the name of “Hans Brannstrom”, which means I will have to get my current employer to update all his paperwork about me..